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racing motorcycle drag

racing motorcycle drag honda

Raising engine capacity motorcycle, is quite limited. One of the options is piston, stuck up to 60 mm. That is if you do not want an extreme change 4 bolt engine block. As performed at the Honda Grand Dany Tilil races at the track is 500-600 meters. Create pursue the maximum engine capacity, relying only piston_owned Honda GL-Max Neo Tech oversized  150. Piston diameter 58.5 mm. the simple way just change the position of the two bolts on the block wrote, said tuner from Tri Tunggal Motor or TTM. The upper bolts in cylinder head, enough is shifted about 3 mm. That goes for the left and right bolts. After all, screw that applied remained 10 mm bolts, bolts like


 Motor Drag Honda Grand Balap Liar
In addition to wear bore up, stroke up, too. But, Abit only rely on Kanzen cranckshaft. Standard measures
only for 54 mm pistons. But, increased into 64 mm. Piston wear handlebar Yamaha Force-1. Abit also had raise a stroke up to 67 mm. But, the power is too wild. With the change now, just touch a cylinder 171.8 cc.


Specification of  Modification Motor Drag Honda Grand :
Engine 171.8 cc
Piston Honda GL-Max Neo Tech oversized 150
Stroke up 64 mm
Front tire using Mizzle brand, with size 2:00 x 17
Rear tire size 60/80-17 using HUT brand
Exhaust using HRP aftermarket product
CDI using from Suzuki Shogun 110 

 semoga berita nhe,, bermanfaat bgi anda.,

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